UBAA 2020 Scholarship Winners Announced

UBAA is pleased to announce our scholarship winners for 2020. As part of our mission and commitment to education, we offer scholarships to area students, made possible by donations of member organizations, the proceeds of our events, and the efforts of the organization as a whole. In 2020, we have awarded scholarships to five deserving recipients:

Liam Cullinane

Liam’s interest in aviation began while growing up watching airlines fly over his home into Boston Logan Airport. He is a first generation college student, studying hard to obtain his degree at Westminster College in Flight Operations. One of his future aviation goals is to help make the aviation industry more accessible to low income students, and those who may not have connections in the industry.

Allie Hughes

Allie became hooked on flying after taking a discovery flight on a whim, and knew that is what she wanted to do from that point on . Her interest in business aviation was began after attending the NBAA conference in Las Vegas, and realized the vast array of opportunities within the business aviation world. She enjoys the more personal aspect and relationships of business aviation.

Isabella Gold

Isabella’s passion for aviation began after an injury sidelined her while training for the Winter Olympics in Slopestyle Skiing. She then re-directed her focus and passion towards aviation at Westminster College. Due to her hard work, she will graduate with a major in Flight Operations, and a minor in Aviation Management.

Lewis McLoughlin

Lewis always dreamed of being a pilot, but due to costs and other concerns he wasn’t sure it was attainable. When a friend talked to him about the Utah Valley University flight program, it re-lit the fire inside him. He then did everything necessary to begin flying. Lewis is looking forward to helping people fulfill their love for travel, see the world, experience new things, and see different cultures. His dream job would be flying for Nike out of Beaverton Oregon, where he grew up.

Richard Paden

Richard grew up around aviation his entire life, although his desire to work in the aviation industry didn’t begin until he joined a Helitack crew while working for the U.S. Forest Service. Working with multiple different kinds of helicopters rekindled the joy of aviation for him. He has completed his Airframe in the Aviation Maintenance program at Salt Lake Community College, and is actively working on his Powerplant.

SLC General Aviation News & Updates February 2020

  • Airport Self Fueling Information
    • General Aviation tenants who would like to self-fuel at airports operated by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) must obtain a no-fee permit. Permits will be issued after a signed application is submitted and a practical self-fueling demonstration is completed. Tenants who request a permit will be sent a copy of the SLCDA Self-Fueling Procedures and will need to familiarize themselves with the procedures and safety rules. The SLCDA general aviation manager and airport fire marshal will meet with the tenant to observe the self-fueling process.

      Safety rules specify or require the following:

      ·    Use of containers exclusively for fuel

      ·    Use of a 2 gallon (minimum) capacity metal funnel

      ·    Storage of fuel in hangars is not allowed

      ·    Position aircraft 5 feet or more from hangar while fueling

      ·    Access to one properly certified 20B-size fire extinguisher onsite while fueling

      ·    Proper knowledge of spill reporting requirements

      Upon satisfactory completion of the self-fueling observation, the tenant will receive a self-fuel icon on their hangar access badge and must wear the badge when conducting self-fueling operations. Permits do not have an expiration date but can be revoked if a tenant is found violating any safety rules or procedures. 

      To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact Dave Teggins at 801-556-4082 or

  • Hangar Space Heaters
    • Use of electric heaters in the hangars is allowed only when tenants are physically present.Open flame (propane, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) heaters are prohibited at all times in General Aviation hangars at SLCDA airports. Authorized electric heaters must not be left operating or unattended even for short periods of time. Contact Phil Bevan, SLCDA property management specialist, at 801-575-2957 or Dave Teggins, SLCDA General Aviation manager, at 801-556-4082 for additional information.
  • Spanish Fork Airport Hosts Breakfast Fly-Ins 

    • Spanish Fork Airport has begun hosting monthly breakfast fly-ins. The fly-ins are held on the airport fuel pump. Contact Cris Child at for more information. third Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Breakfast is served in hangar six, south of
  • Vehicle Parking During Snow Events

    • Parking vehicles in front of hangars, to the side of taxi lanes and hangar rows, or on the ramp during snow events is prohibited. Airport maintenance crews work hard to keep airport surfaces usable, and avoiding parked vehicles poses an unnecessary safety risk and delays snow removal. Vehicles may park inside hangars when the plane is not present, as well as in parking areas outside of the perimeter fence. Contact Dave Teggins at 801-556-4082 with questions
  • South Valley Regional Airport and Tooele Valley Airport Gate Codes changing on March 15.

  • Helpful Points of Contact

    General aviation operations, facilities maintenance, SLCDA GA newsletter, airfield and SLC Title 16 questions: Dave Teggins, General Aviation Manager, 801-556-4082 or
    Hangar lease and repair questions: Phil Bevan, Property Management Specialist, 801-575-2957 or
    Aviation security questions: Gary Bilbrey, SLCDA Airport Operations, 801-575-2401 or
    Gate access problems: Airport Control Center, 801-575-2401.
    Emergencies: SLCIA, 801-575-2911. TVY or U42, 911 then 801-575-2911.
    For additional GA information call the GA Hotline: 801-575-2443

Address: 470 N 2400 W STE 113 | Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Phone: +1 (801) 532-1115


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